The best way to know about our environment is to go out and experience it for ourselves. For us to appreciate and preserve ecosystems, we need to understand how they work. Today’s society is out of touch with the wildlife around us, that we are no longer amazed by nature’s beauty. Discovering it in a simple and fun manner can really make us aware of all the interesting things happening in the natural world.

Field activities are the best option to help people understand how ecosystems work. It is important for us to share an experience that helps us reconnect with nature and allows us to appreciate, and consequently protect our environment.

In ecology, an ecotone is a transition between two ecosystems. For example, in an estuary there are fluvial, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, and as many ecotones. The ecosystems present in an estuary can be home to many different natural habitats that host a variety of living organisms, and are therefore essential for biodiversity conservation.

The way ecosystems are inteconnected in nature can teach us how important it is to engage with our environment. In doing so, we begin to appreciate the life around us, and its adaptation abilities. It also shows us how ecosystems are precious and useful for our society.