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For ECOTONE Nature outings, select the one you would like to book on the Agenda page and click on ''Register'' at the top right of the photo. If you have any problem, call or send me a mail.
For outings in partnership with the Maison de la Baie, you should register by phone with the Maison de la Baie (0033 2 96 32 27 98). For any questions about these outings, please contact me by mail or phone.
All the outings in partnership with the Maison de la Baie are marked “Maison de la Baie” near the activity title, on Agenda page.

For ECOTONE Nature outings, payment in cash only.
For outings in partnership with the Maison de la Baie, all methods of payment available.
All the outings in partnership with the Maison de la Baie are marked “Maison de la Baie” near the activity title, on Agenda page.

Find out information about meeting places on the page of the activity, on the Agenda page.

Simply send me an email or a text message. Contact details on Contact page.

According to the activity, you should wear appropriate clothes:

  • Comfortable and sturdy shoes or wellies
  • A jumper and a jacket if the weather gets cold
  • In case of rain, a hooded raincoat
  • If it is sunny (should be !!), a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen

Specifically for outings across the bay, we cross two rivers and this means we walk in 40cm deep water. Ideally:

  • Wear shorts
  • Bring sandals which are fast to put on/take off and salt water resistant
  • Protect your feet with sunscreen.

Other possibility

  • Wear light and salt water resistant shoes
  • Accept soaking your trousers 

Even if the weather is not as good in Brittany as it is in the South of France, you should know that we rarely have long or too heavy showers, in spring or summer. Very often, we only have a light drizzle.

This allows for the activities to be maintained even if there is rain. We then have a nice sunny spell, with wonderful light and dark clouds. Perfect for a photography competition!

Of course, in case of specific weather (heavy rain or wind), I will let you know if the activity is cancelled or postponed.

If you wonder whether to come or not, just give me a call > 0033 783 932 532

Definitely! But winter is more favourable for birdwatching: migratory birds stay in the bay to feed during the cold season. Nevertheless, summer allows birds watching as well, even if there are fewer species.

For bird watching activities, please ask the Maison de la Baie at Hillion. If they cannot offer you what you are looking for, come back to me and we shall find a solution together.

This depends on what we do and where we are! Let’s try to explain the problem without waffle:

Green algae is a species of seaweed (Ulva lactuca) naturally present in Saint-Brieuc bay, as for a large part of the French coastline. Nevertheless, when the sea water warms with the sun, and if there are enough nutriments in water, this seaweed can proliferate. It is then absolutely harmless and even edible.

But if it is washed ashore by tides and winds, it decays on land and forms a crust, under which a deadly gas forms. This is why beaches are monitored, and we never visit beaches with any risk of gas presence. Moreover, the beaches concerned are found at the bottom of the bay.
So, having a walk in the bay is perfectly safe. Sometimes, it is even very beautiful to see a thin layer of seaweeds on the foreshore, forming drawings with tidal currents.

Due to the Nature Reserve legislation, dogs are not permitted in the bay. Therefore, we don't accept them for nature outings at Saint-Brieuc Bay.

But you can come with your dog for the other activvities (Choas du Gouët...) !